About Us

OUR MISSION is to connect, to heal and to change the world through music.

JAZZ AND CLASSICS FOR CHANGE was formed in the Spring of 2019 through a collaboration between Gili Melamed-Lev, concert pianist and educator, and Joe Gold, jazz musician and film composer, with the idea of bringing a sense of hope through inspiring music, performed by outstanding musicians. 

We offer the highest caliber music, not solely for our joy, but also to help illumine our humanity. For this is the mission of this series: to bring superb music together with awareness of the social challenges calling us today, so that all of us can draw inspiration from music’s transcendent power.

Jazz and Classics for Change is a gift, as is everything that flows from the realm of the arts. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, it relies on gifts from many sources. We hope you will join us in supporting the vitality of this new artistic and social initiative so its life flourishes and enhances the life of our community. Each gift, no matter the size, is valued and appreciated.

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Thomas Chulak – President

Lindsay Shea – Vice President

Joe Gold – Vice President

Gili Melamed-Lev – Artistic Director

Abigail Laufer – Treasurer

Bonnie Podolsky – Secretary

Brian Shea


Suzanne Gold & Allison Crowly,

Fuzzy Muzzle Design (fuzzymuzzledesign.com)


Antony Gravett (antonygravett.com)


George Brooks

Roberta Cooper

Armen Donelian

Eugene Drucker

Mark Evans

Ronald Feldman

Gwen Gould

Deborah Grace

Philip Lasser

Marianne Lockwood

Rafi Malkiel

Elizabeth Morse

Joe Mulholland

Gili Sharett

Sheila Silver

Michael Thomas

Peter Weitzner


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